-Established in 2004-

In a Nutshell

EvolTwin Printing offers top quality screen printing for all of your needs and occasions. With a wide and varied array of garments available, EvolTwin is here to help you find the best products to fit  your budget and purpose. Our clients include multi-national corporations, the ma and pa shop, and the individual needing shirts for a family reunion. With 15,000 square feet, our print facility is able to produce small orders of 10, or large orders of 10,000. Take a look at the online catalog to see the classics and the favorites of the season. If there is something specific You’re looking for and can’t seem to find it, please get in touch! We’ll track it down. Read about our social responsibility commitment below.


Established in 2004. EvolTwin Printing was founded in 2004 by Loric Riggs. Through his years of experience in the industry, Loric’s passion for screen printing and design naturally transitioned into a small side business. With humble beginnings in the basement of his NE Portland home, EvolTwin grew into a full-time project and Loric left his job to focus all of his attention on screen printing.

History cont.

EvolTwin Moved into its first brick and mortar location on N Williams Ave in 2006. The company flourished in this location, becoming established in the community and growing with the ever changing neighborhood and city. 2014 marked EvolTwin’s 10th anniversary serving the Portland Metro area and beyond. By summer the N Williams shop was bursting at the seams and it was clear it was time to find a larger facility. In 2014 EvolTwin officially opened its current location at 7945 NE Alberta Street.

Be Responsible!

EvolTwin was founded on the belief that there is a need for social and environmental responsibility in business and uses this as the platform for all aspects of production. When Loric started the company in 2004 it was his mission to create an environment that fostered sustainable practices not only for the Earth, but for himself and his employees. After working in the industry for many years in factories that were wasteful and used toxic chemicals, he chose to seek out  more ethical and mindful practices to incorporate into his own shop.

Be Responsible! Cont.

From the pthalate free and waterbased inks used in the print process, to the organic soy and corn compounds used in the reclaimation process, EvolTwin Printing continuously strives to find new ways of being sustainable in a growing industry. Following not only a rigorous recycling program, but finding creative ways to re-use everything and source as much as possible form the USA reducing its carbon footprint. There are hand selected organic, recycled, and USA made garment options to choose from and everyone is encouraged to use one of these options.